Morteza khosravi

Born in 1988 Bojnurd, Iran.

2006 – Graphic diploma from Arefe Bojnurdi’s School of Art in Bojnurd.

2009- Pre-University Degree from Emam-e-Hassane Mojtaba High school(Art Course)

2012 – The student of painting course in B.A degree at Marlik higher education in Nowshahr


2009-2019 – The member of Visual Arts Association in Tehran


Email: info@MortezaKhosravi.com


Solo Exhibition

2018 – Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2018 – Art lab Gallery, Beirut.

2016 – Art lab Gallery, Beirut.

2016 – Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2015 – Golestan Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2014 – Art lab Gallery, Beirut.

2013 – Henna Art gallery, Tehran-Iran

2012 – Golestan Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2011 – Mirmiran Gallery, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran-Iran

2009- Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Nowshahr-Mazandaran-Iran

2009- Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance(Qadir young home), Rodehen-Tehran-Iran

2008 – Servst Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2007 – Atashzad Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2006,2007,2008 – Golshan Gallery, Bonjurd-Iran


Group Exhibition

2018- Fiera Contemporanea, Cesena Fiera, Cesena-Italy.

2018- Iran less forty, Palazzo Bastogi museum, Florence-Italy.

2018- IMMORTALITY, Abahan Gallery, Istanbul-Turkey


2018- Auction Ravi Collections, Tehran-Iran

2018- Vartan Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2017- Auction Ravi Collections, Tehran-Iran

2017- Fluorescent2, Surface Project, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2017- Fluorescent2, Royal Address Complex, Iranshahr Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2017- Beirut Art Fair, Beirut-Lebanon .

2017- Surface Art Project, Iranshahr Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2017- Gallery Mojdeh, Tehran-Iran.

2017- Gallery Mim, Los Angeles-USA.

2017- Postcardese, Azad Ard Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2017- Art3F Brussels ( 2nd international contemporary art fair) Brussels

2016- Beirut Art Fair, Beirut-Lebanon .

2016- Artscoops Beirut Auction, Beirut.

2016- Gallery Ward, Dubai-UAE.

2016- Ballet in The Fresh Air, A Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2016- There are many things, Sales Gallery, Tehran, 1395

2016- On Figures, Vista art Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2016- Biennial contemporary art with Title of “Peace on Paper “, Niavaran cultural center, Tehran-Iran.

2015- Group Exhibition, some narratives from a human being that joined sea with Aras Waves, “Samad Behrangi”, Dena Gallery, Tehran.

2015- Artscoops Beirut Auction, Beirut.

2015- Beirut Art Fair, Beirut-Lebanon .

2015- Auction no. 23 , The young collectors Auction ,Ayyam Gallery , Dubai-UAE

2015- WORLD HERO- Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2014- Beirut Art Fair, Beirut-Lebanon

2013- Art Auction Tirgan – Toronto

2013- 2014, 2015, 2016- Persian Maxis – Art Lab Gallery, Beirut.

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017- (100 Works, 100 Artists) Golestan Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2012,2013,2014,2016 – Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran-Iran.

2011- Group Exhibition, protection of Iranian Cheetah and Leopard, Golestan Gallery, Tehran.

2010-  Triple Show, Zangi Mirror , Atbin Gallery, Mashhad.

2010,2011- Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Nowshahr-Mazandaran-Iran

2006-  Group Exhibition with Master Gholam Hosein Sohrabi, Mirak Gallery, Mashhad

2005,2006,2007- Holding more than 5 Group Exhibitions, Golshan Negarkhane of Bojnourd.


Honors and Grants

2011 – Achieving the Third place in the 18th international festival of visual arts for young artist s Iran, Gorgan-Iran

2010–Third place of National Drawing Young Festival, Tehran-Iran

2010–Second place for National Painting Young Festival, Tehran-Iran

2010-Second place of National “Iran Youth” Drawing Festival, Tehran-Iran

2010-Achieving the Second place in the 17th international Festival of visual arts for young artist s Iran, Gorgan-Iran

2010- The chosen person for Workshop Unit of second Festivals of Country Students.

2009- Getting appreciation in Design Unit in sixteenth festivals of Country Youth’s Visual Arts in Gorgan.

2009- Getting first rank for Drawing Unit of Porsesh Festival of Mehr.

2008- Having Presence in fifteenth period of Festival of Visual Arts of Country Youth in Gorgan

2008- Acquiring chosen rank of Oil Painting in Country High schools

2008- Admitting 2 design works into Exhibition’s Match Unit in forth Festival of Youth Arts

2007- Having Presence in fourteenth period of Festivals of Country Youth’s Visual Arts in Oromie

2006- Having Presence in thirteenth period of Festivals of Country Youth’s Visual Arts in Ardebil

2005- Having presence in Festival’s of High school, Photographing and Designing Unit, Shiraz


Lecturer of Azad Institutes:

2016-2017- Teaching in University of Applied Sciences, Branch 47, Tehran

2016-2017- Charchob Institute, Tehran

2010,2011,2012 and 2017- My own private workshop

2008 Department of culture and Guidance (Rodhan)

2005,2006,2007- Marof Institute (Bojnourd) and Bojnourd’s Visual Arts Associations


–2010- Building the statue of fisherman in Noshahr Town (placed in municipality of Noshahr)

–About 30 interviews with Art Issues, Newspapers, TV and Radio



Professional Experience: the art student of Master Gholam Hossein Sohrabi in Mashhad-Iran and Ali Beigi Parast in Tehran-Iran.