In the Middle

The presented paintings are the result of some liberal and experimental experiences. In some the placement of figures are not  not immediately clear as though they are emerging out of nowhere. Neither  acting upon nor showing themselves off .

In water ink art-woks, Dark spots are running away; at times the leap out of the figures and at times they standstill. Thus they  its seems that were left imperfect and images which seem incomplete, soon  attain perfection in the spectator’s mind.

Figures mixed with femininity and colours, looking flamboyant …

Nakedness of figures is in a way that they appears , itself , as somewhat touchable .sometimes  Figures Twisted into themselves or  twisted into each-other and at times they are dancing to the rhyme. amid constant colours , acre , yellow and purple I am just a line  in all divining lines And I touched the body with these lines .

Morteza Khosravi